Friday, July 9, 2010

July 8, 2010

Today was a, what seems to be becoming, a usual day. I woke up early took a shower and had breakfast. We were allowed to sleep in for a fair amount because today we went to the out door open air market. We all went down to the bus and proceeded on to the metro to the market. The first thing I noticed about the market was the disgusting fish stand. Im really not sure who would buy fish from an out door market but it was there and it seemed to be doing alot of buisness. I continued through the market with Chelsea searching for our ingedients for our second family dinenr that we decided to have. I was out to get cherry tomatoes for salad and Chelsea was getting basil and oregano. Our group had decided to have chicken parmasan for dinner that night. At the marke they sold everything, purses, cloths, food, baby things, absolutley everything. I ended up buying my new cousin to be a bib that says something like my mom is bautiful or something. Tina will love it im sure, or if she doesnt she better tell me she does.
After the market, Chelsea, me, Lupita, and Jenifer headed back to the dorms. We stopped at a few places along the way and Chelsea ended up replacing her wallet. Finally we ended up back at the dorms and I decided to take a long nap because for some reason I didnt sleep well. I have a really hard time sleeping here, im sure if its because Im not used to sleeping with 5 other people within a 10 foot radius of me or if its the cot im sleeping on or what but for some reason I cant fall into a deep sleep here. I ended up sleeping for about 2 and a half hours.
When I woke up I decided to go to Esselunga (the grocery store) because I needed more granola bars (ive been living on those, fruit and cherrios). I also decided I would get utensils, a plate, and a cup so that I wouldnt have to eat with my fingers like I did last night.
After the grocery store I worked on my paper for a while finishing almost to page 6 of my very rough draft. My hopes are that Ill finish my paper tomorrow, enjoy the weekend in Venice, and edit the paper all next week and turn it in on Thursday. Hopfully I will also be able to get an interview with a teacher sometime soon. That would conclude a big portion of my research and I would be able to finish my extra project as well as my 2nd paper.
Around 5 PM all the ladies in my suite went downstairs and rode the bus to the University to meet everyone else to go to the Brera gallery of Art. We ended up only a block away from the market we were at earlier that day. The gallery was pretty boring except for when I was able to see The Brothal of the Virgin. I took a art history class through NOVA and I studied this painting and even wrote a paper on it so it was pretty cool to see it in person. However the only thing I could think when I saw all the paintings was that they have been retouched and fixed so I could not see the beauty in them. Needless to say the art gallery was REALLY boring.
After the art gallery we all came home except for a few and started on our 2nd family dinner. Susie and D. Wright were making the sauce, I cleaned my tomatoes and cut up the bananas. After we cooked we moved everything out to the veranda and eat outside again. My stomach started to hurt when I started eating and I started feeling really sick so I had some of the fruit we cut up instead of eating the chicken parmasan. I didnt end up cleaning up anything because my stomach hurt so I went downstairs and checked my email to see if Michael had emailed me and I went to bed. I started, for the first time while traveling, feeling really homesick and I feel asleep sort of crying and wondering what my husband was doing and what life will be like in our new home soon enough.

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