Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010

After buying my fan and putting the extra comforter across my mattress for more padding I slept MUCH better last night. Michael again was my alarm clock this morning, which I love waking up to his call. It still blows my mind that I am half way around the world from him and that I am even on this trip. I am so fortunate.
Today after I woke up and took a shower I walked down the hall to cup a cup of hot tea from the breakfast room and I must say that this hot tea situation may actually replace my hot coffee in the morning. It will even reduce my calorie intake in the morning! I also came back and ate one of the bananas I had in the room.
From here Chelsea and I left the room to go down stairs to meet the group to get on the bus to go to school. The bus rides in the morning are so unbelievably crowded but I was very productive because I read one of my text books on the way to school and I got a decent amount finished.
At school we had a lecture on Italian culture and society. It was a great lecture and there was a lot of information. There was even a lot of information about the education system so I have more to write on so I’m pretty excited.
After making it through the lecture Chelsea, Susie and I decided to get McDonalds for lunch since it is only 3 blocks from campus. We went in and ordered, I got a double cheeseburger but it came plain and I didn’t have too much success in ordering ketchup for my fries. We decided to dine upstairs. We had so much fun talking. Susie is really interesting and I actually like to hear about her boyfriend he seems great. I think it’s really cute how she said she was not the settling down type until she met this guy and now she asked him the other day when he was going to propose to her. It reminded me of Michael and I.
When we were finished this was when our day went to the south really quickly. Chelsea stood up and realized her purse was gone. We looked around for it and realized that someone had taken it. She ran around looking for it and looking for anyone who may had taken it but it didn’t help that nobody spoke English and that apparently the person that took it was long gone. Susie called Professor Wright and she had us come back to campus and write down all the things she had in her purse. The most important was her 650 in Euros and her credit cards. Chelsea ended up calling her mom and her mom took care of a lot of things but Chelsea and Professor Wright had to go to the police station to file a report.
While all of that was getting settled the rest of the class had to watch a movie in Italian about neorealism. After the movie we headed home and watched the sunset over the Alps on the veranda while enjoying wine. Some of my other suite mates went out to the bar however I stayed in and worked on homework and mainly facebooked all night then finally fell asleep.

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