Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010

The train ride to Chinque Terra was much better than the one to Venice yesterday, we had comfier seats and there was more importantly air condition on this train. The train ride took longer than expected. We thought it was only going to take 2 hours but we found out it was 3 hours but it really didn't matter because the train ride was gorgeous. When we finally arrived in Monterosso we were blown away to how busy it was. We were expecting a slower paced little city on the edge of the coast and it was this at all. There were people EVERYWHERE! First we took a few pictures and needed to use the bathroom. It kind of sucked because we had to pay ,50 euro to use the bathroom and it was dirty. After the bathroom we started walking around searching for food. In search of food we kept running into really cute shops and started shopping, not as much as yesterday but we shopped a lot. I found these liquor bottles that were hand painted and the will fit my decor in my kitchen so I had to have them. I also found hand painted mugs, sugar and creme dishes but they were unbelievably expensive but I really wanted them but decided against them. Finally we found a place that was still serving lunch and we sat on this cliff over looking the town and the water and had paninis, cokes, and Chelsea and I had cocktails. We couldve sat there forever it was so gorgeous but we decided to continue up the road.
After walking for a while and stopping to take pictures every few steps we found decided that we were going to turn around because it was really hot and we found out that the next town was a 2 hour walk and we didn't have time for that. On our way back we found a hole in a fence that had a small trail following it so, of course we had to climb through it. We went through the hole and walked the small trail. It was pretty steep but it had steps all the way through it. We continued and finally came across this couple that was topless and doing inappropriate things for being in public. So we took pictures and kept going. We finally found the end and it there was a little bridge to like a small island and it was absolutely gorgeous. We stayed there for a while and took pictures and just sat and took in the sight.
We finally decided to head back. On our way back we ran into a German guy that was standing on the crossover bridge as though he were going to jump into the water. We asked him if he had ever done it before and he said no and after a minute he took a rock and threw it down to make sure he wasn't going to be pushed by the wind and finally jumped the estimated 3-4 stories off the bridge. I was so scared for him!
Finally we made it back to the train station and bought our ticket. We had about 30 minutes before the train was coming so we ran and got some gelato. The train ride home was longer because we had a lay over in Genoa but finally made it home sometime around midnight. It was such a great day and I plan on bringing my husband back someday soon.

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  1. Your pictures and video are beautiful! I'm sorry you're a little homesick, but that's natural! This is a great blog, I enjoyed reading it!