Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 3, 2010

Today July 3, 2010

Yesterday, I left Dulles airport at 5:05 PM and arrived in Frankfurt, Germany at 7:10 AM. The plane ride was fun; it was probably the most turbulent plane ride I have ever taken. It took about 7 ½ hours but the time flew really quickly because I watched Toy Story 2 in German. It was still really funny. When I arrived in Germany I had to transfer terminals and that was a bit difficult but I made it and fell asleep at the gate during boarding but woke up when they called our section. The plane ride from Germany to Italy was only an hour long but we flew over the Swiss Alps getting there. There are absolutely gorgeous. Upon arriving at the dorms we checked in and went to the market. I bought bananas, oranges, Gatorade, and cheerios. These are the things that I’m most comfortable and I don’t think I’ll get sick from. After the market I took a nap and during my nap someone woke me up because they realized the power was out. Big =(…….. From here we woke up and went on a scavenger hunt. We took the bus to the train and took the train to the Duomo which is a big shopping area. This was my first experience with a gypsy. When we were coming up from train this man at the top of the stairs and handed me a bracelet then proceeded to tie in around my wrist. Justin, a guy in our group came and pulled me away and told me that he was going to make me pay for it. So I guess I kind of stole it then? I guess I’m pretty good to have stolen from a gypsy!

When we made it home we walked to a pizza shop that Heather had met the owner of before everyone arrived in Milan. I was dying of thirst so I got a coke which was 2 Euros! I also got a small 4 cheese pizza (that I ordered in Italian!) that turned out to be similar to a large pizza from Dominos. It was huge!!! We stayed at the restaurant for about 2 hours talking and laughing. It was so much fun! We walked home from the pizza restaurant and Chelsea and I moved our beds up to the 7 floor and had a sleep over with Lupita and Jenifer because our power was still out. After we moved the beds, I took an ice cold shower because I couldn’t figure out how to make the shower be hot and went back up to Lupita and Jenifer’s room. We watched the rest of Mrs. Doubtfire in Italian and I feel asleep.

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