Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 14, 2010

Today we had to wake up early because we went to Lake Maggiore. We had to get on the metro and ride to Centrale where we caught the big train and rode it our there. The lake was gorgeous. It reminded me of the lake that the lochness monster lives in because it was so big and there was so much fog/smog hovering the lake. I was sure he was going to jump up at any moment especially when we were on the shuttle boat going to the first island.
When we went to the first island I was blown away with the beauty of it. There were flowers everywhere and a castle that was completely gorgeous inside. While I walked through the castle I wondered what it would’ve been like to grow up in a place like this. The rooms were huge and there was even a ballroom. We went on to the next island that this island was bigger and even more beautiful. In this castle the entire basement was made of like sea rocks and lake rocks from floor to ceiling. It was such a cool thing to see. Outside to the castle there was a man painting and I was really sad when I didn’t have enough Euros to buy one of his paintings but I decided it wasn’t meant to be. Finally we got back on the shuttle and road back to the mainland where we found a beach and sat for a while. A few of us decided we were hungry and went to a restaurant just down from the beach. Many of us were elated that they had “American hamburgers” on the menu. We were blown away when the food got to the table and it was hot dog meat in the shape of a hamburger with cheese and ketchup. It was the weirdest thing but it was so good! After lunch we dipped our feet in the lake and decided to go home. When we made it to the train I fell asleep and woke up back in Milan. It was such good sleep because I was so tired but when I woke up I had been sweating really badly so I was really uncomfortable. Also when I got back to the dorm I realized that I had gotten slight sunburn so I showered and took a short nap. When I woke up I worked on my paper for a while then Chelsea decided she really wanted Chinese food.
Professor, Chelsea, Allison and Marie went on a mission to find Chinese food. It was so exciting when we found it, ordered and walked back to the dorms. The food was so good and we decided that we would have to go there again soon. After dinner I worked on my paper for about 30 minutes then went to sleep.

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