Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 21, 2010

Holy piggies the week is going be so quickly! I woke up and felt much better than the past two days. We went to lecture this morning and I was so much happier than yesterday. I even put makeup on today. Lecture was a little more interesting than yesterday because he wasn't so scattered with his lecture. I was able to listen and everything reminded me of how I took that art history class at NOVA and I actually really enjoyed learning about art history and that Sarah was blown away with all the work I had done when she took the course the following semester and struggled with it. After lecture we went to the local Italian version of Starbucks. It was a bit of a hike but I was so excited when I got there. After ordering and trying my drink I was so disappointed at the drink and the food. I decided that the food wasn't worth it but that if anybody ever asked, they had great service and that I would recommend it. After the coffee place we headed back to the dorms and took a nap. Tonight was going to be an exciting night because we were going to see Da Vinci's Last Supper. I was actually really excited on the inside but didn't want to seem too dorky about it all... We left for the Church and rode the metro to where we needed to go. I absolutely hate the metro. It is so dirty, hot and packed all the time.
We made it to church and only had a short wait before we were able to go inside the church. Once inside and finally seeing the painting It was sort of emotional for me. It was so beautiful and It had a sort of feeling to it that was indescribable. We were only allowed in the room for 15 minutes and we hurried out once our time was up. After the church we came home and everybody decided that they were going out for Karaoke. I genuinely did not want to go because I found out that something had happened with my financial aid account so I was completely annoyed with life that night. I'm sort of glad I didn't go because I hear there was a lot of drama that went on and I really hate drama, and not to mention it makes me sick.

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