Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4, 2010

July 4, 2010
Happy Independence Day! Today we slept in until 11:30 in the morning. I felt like I could’ve slept all day. Lupita and Jenifer’s room was like an ice box and I was so comfortable, though my bed isn’t very comfortable and my back hurt when I woke up, I was so exhausted from being up for 48 hours I could’ve slept anywhere! When we woke up I ran down to my room so I could change then I met my group on the 7 floor kitchen and we went over a few things about the trip. Just simple, don’t spend too much time with your roommate because you may kill them, the power in the Bella suite will hopefully get fixed today or tomorrow, etc. Then I went back to my room and moved a few things around, unpacked a bit, and organized some things. We then went down the block with our new Italian-American friends to have a fourth of July picnic. The picnic was so much fun and all together there were about 25 people there. A gypsy who had a baby ended up coming up and asking us for food and everyone said no because when she left they told us that if we would’ve given her food the rest of them would’ve come and stolen food from us.
In the evening we went to the opening dinner. It was a very short ride by bus and the food was very good. We had about 3 starter courses, 2 entrees, and 1 desert along with coffee. I didn’t like one of the main entrees at dinner it tasted horrible and like I stuck my head in a fish bowl; it tasted so fishy! We were at the restaurant for four hours talking until close to 11PM. By the time we got home I laid in bed however most of the girls stayed up until near 2A.M. and I really never feel asleep. The beds here are horrible you can feel every spring! This is going to be a very long month with this horrible bed.

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