Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010

Today is Friday, Holy cow the program is over in a week! Im so excited. I have had fun while Ive been here but I think I was really shocked by the culture and everything and that I really didn't prepare myself as much as I wanted to for coming here. Im not really sure why I haven't enjoyed myself but overall I am glad that I came and I have made a few wonderful friends. Today, we had to be down stairs at 8 am because we were going to another Abbey. This one was bigger than the last and in my opinion prettier. After the Abbey we came back to the dorms and I took a nap. I was also able to do laundry so that I can go away this weekend with clean cloths.

I was really sad today when I was online paying my car insurance and I made a mistake in paying bills. BIG =(. I accidentally payed the remaining amount due on my car insurance which was almost $400 and I only owed $88. It sucks because it took a majority of my spending money. However being the optimistic person I am, at least I don't have to make another car insurance payment on my car or my moms car until October.

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