Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7, 2010

Dear Bloggy,
Today was a good day. I slept well last night. While everyone went out drinking I stayed in my room and played on facebook all night and even got some homework finished after all of that I took a Tylenol PM and slept like a baby all night long. We even got the opportunity to sleep in this morning. I was really happy. When I woke up the morning I took a shower and went to the grocery store. I was kind of nervous going to the store alone but once I was there it wasn’t bad at all. While I was at the store I realized how screwed I was because everything is in Italian and that I needed laundry soap and wasn’t going to be able to pick out soap that I needed. The aisle was separated by soap and softner just like at home. I ended up opening the tops and looking at the liquid to see whether it was soap of softner. I hope I bought the right stuff.
After the store everyone in the bella suite got ready and we all ventured to the University to be able to meet D. Wright to go to the Chiaravalle which is a 12 century Abbey run by monks. It was completely gorgeous. The architecture, landscaping, everything! It leaves me at a loss for words. I just loved it.
When we were on our way home, Chelsea and I decided to take a different route home than everyone else. It was fun and when Chelsea tried to tell me where we were going to come out at I laughed and related it to the Gelato shop that I was familiar with. So naturally on the way home I needed to stop for gelato because it is so delicious. I am getting better at ordering in Italian even thought I think the people taking my order are laughing at me on the inside. Im really happy we stopped though because I found that they make tiramisu gelato and today I fell in love. I was so unreliably good.
When we got home we met everyone up in the kitchen to plan our family dinner and eat like Stephanie day. We planned to eat pork, veggies, fruit and potatoes. Travis, Lupita, and Stephanie went to the store and picked it all up. We need to eat like that more often because it came out to 16 euro which is only about 1,5 per person! Travis and I ended up cooking. He cooked the meat and I cooked all the sides. The food turned out great and we even decided to eat dinner on the veranda tonight since it was so gorgeous.
After dinner, I worked on my paper a little more and emailed my husband for a while. Im starting to miss him too much and can’t wait to see him. We’re planning for me to go see him in San Diego as soon as I get back from Italy. I absolutely cannot wait because I just miss him so unbelievably much.

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