Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

I didn’t really get to sleep last night which makes me very sad. Michael called me at 7 this morning to make sure I was awake (which I was) but with his call I got up and took a shower. When I was finished showering I got ready and sat on the computer for a while. Chelsea and I went to the first breakfast hosted by the residence then came back to the room to continue getting ready for our first day at the University.
We went down to the lobby to meet everyone to walk to the bus together. I was so sad when Jenifer and Lupita didn’t make it down on time and we left without them. I was so sad. We made it to the University and it was so magnificent. Everything was gorgeous. I originally thought that the pebbles walkways were gorgeous too, but when I finally decided that they are murder on your feet I decided I hated them. We sat at school for a while and Met John Pietro who gave us our Id codes to get onto Wi-Fi and gave us all of the information we needed for the international student get together that evening. To my surprise Jenifer and Lupita made it to school, I’m not sure I would’ve tried to make it, I would’ve been too scared. During our lunch break we walked around the Duomo and some people shopped and some people went and got food. I got food and gelato. Chelsea and I then opted to catch the bus back to the dorms and were elated when we made it successfully home.
I took a short nap then started working on my paper. Before I realized it, it was almost time to head down stairs for the international student get together and Chelsea and I had wanted to go to Media World. So I jumped up and got ready and we ran down to Media World where I got my fan! I am super excited to have a fan. I hated last night and being hot and uncomfortable. I do not function very well in those conditions. Hopefully tonight will be better.
After the Media world adventure we left for the International student get together. It was in this castle that left me speechless. It was so stunningly gorgeous. When we went through the gates we signed in and were given a small gift bag with a shirt and various other items. We also ate and mingled with other students. I think Lupita was invited out to a bar and naturally this meant that our entire group was invited and we ended up walking around forever and my legs became extremely chapped. We finally made it back to the dorm and I put my new fan together and took a shower. Now I’m exhausted and ready for more adventure tomorrow.

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