Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 24, 2010

Today we woke up at 5 am and got ready to head to Florence. I got up and took a shower and so did Chelsea. I felt bad because I called Michael about 10 minutes before we left and they pretty much left without me so I had to cut Michael off and run out the door. We headed to the train station and I couldn't help to notice that both Jenifer and Chelsea were very grumpy about something. The train ride was nice. I fell asleep on the way. When we got to Florence, Pita and I decided that we needed breakfast. When we met back up with Chelsea and Jenifer we asked them if they wanted breakfast and they both snapped at us.. so, we grabbed McDonald's on the way out of the train station. Breakfast was so good. I was so excited when they had the MC muffin, hash browns and coffee! Today was going to be a great day!
After we grabbed breakfast we started off toward the Duomo. While Pita and Jenifer climbed the Duomo Chelsea and I decided to head for the Ferrari store. While we were almost to the Ferrari store we saw a Guess store and I told Chelsea we should go in since it was so big. Chelsea ended up finding a new purse, wallet, and bracelet. Go Chelsea!
We finally ended up at the Ferrari store were she bought her boyfriend cologne and on the walk back to find Jenifer and Pita, I bought a few scarves. When we met back up Pita really wanted to go shopping at this huge market so we did. I grew very quickly annoyed because there were so man people and I was really really hot. Finally we came across this church the Jenifer wanted to go into so we sat outside while she went in. After the church we decided to get lunch at this place that Chelsea had eaten at a few years ago and absolutely loved.
We got to the lunch place and found out that they had a max coca cola which of course meant that we had to order it. It was huge. Probably about 4 cans of coke in one glass with a lot of ice. They really knew how Americans liked their coke. I found that they had lasagna also so I ordered that. When it came out it tasted like chefboyarde from the can but it really wasn't. It was really good though.
After lunch everyone decided to go into another museum but I decided with my diminishing funds I didn't want to waste 4 Euro on something I would probably think was boring. So I sat outside and waited for an hour ( or did a great Italian pass time and I people watched for an hour) until they came out. After the museum they decided to stand in line at another museum ( i was starting to get angry because they wanted to see so many museums and I was going to have to wait outside) but I decided to go inside of this one. I was right I did find it extremely boring but I did get to see the birth of Venus which was really cool.
After the museum we started to head back to the train station to head home. Everyone was really tired. On the way back to the train station we found a gelato place and got some gelato then finally made it to the train station. We bought our tickets and sat for an hour until the train came. I slept on the train for about 30 minutes then stayed awake the rest. I saw the sunset and I actually really enjoyed seeing the country and how beautiful everything was. Once we got home I called my mother to tell her how much I missed her I also washed my feet because they were filthy then went to bed. It had been a great day and I really enjoyed Florence although I wished I could have seen Tuscany.

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