Monday, July 19, 2010

July 15, 2010

Today was Sagan's birthday. We went to lecture this morning as usual and after lecture I stayed to work on my paper for a few hours. I was saved by the cappuccino I bought because I was so tired and not up to working on the paper. After the paper I came back to the room and took a power nap then got ready for the symphony. I was really excited to go to the symphony because I was in band for almost 10 years and music excites me. We were able to hear Schindler's list (which is my new favorite symphonic song) and chicken run which is unbelievably visual. I also loved that song. After the symphony we started walking so that we could find dinner. We eventually came to a Spanish food restaurant, which I was really really excited about. I ordered an enchilada which came out as a qasadilla but it was still good. I also tried the pina colada and had a coke. At the end of dinner Jenifer was about to get us a round of shot free for Sagan's birthday. When we were ready to leave we realized that we had sat there so long that we were not going to make the last train home and were going to have to take the bus so that's what we did. We ended up at Centrale station taking a cab. I took a cab with Sagan, Travis and Allison, they never really talk to me, or when I talk to them I feel like they look down on me so I wasn't really happy riding with them. We finally made it home and I went to sleep.

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